Investment & Process

You deserve a unique tailored approach to your wedding, after all you're celebrating love. While the packages below will give you a good idea about our services and offerings, know that we're always open to hop on a call and create a custom package for your specific needs. We can't wait to hear from you! Choose your preferred package, fill out the form on our Contact page and let's do this.

Full Day Packages for Photographs

Killer Deal

-Full day Wedding coverage
-4 Photographers
-Average of 800-850 photographs
-A slideshow
-An online gallery
-3 hour pre warm up session
-3 12x15 30 sheet Art leather Albums
- 3 12x8 Framed Photographs
*Ideal for a 800 and above member guest list


Its a Steal

- Full day Wedding coverage
- 3 Photographers
- Avg of 800-850 photographs
- A slideshow
- An exclusive online gallery
- A 1 hour pre warm up session
- A 12x15 20 sheet art leather Album
- 2 5x7 framed photographs
*Ideal for a 500 member guest list


Value for Money

-Full day Wedding coverage
-2 Photographers
-Average of 300-350 post produced photographs
-An exclusive online Gallery
-A 12x12 15 sheet Art Leather Album
*Ideal for a 100-200 member guest list.


Full Day Packages for Wedding Films

Optional Add on's

Extra Albums

An additional 40 page 12x15 leather bound album.

Live Streaming

For family and friends unable to attend anywhere across the globe. An exclusive Youtube link or Zoom will be provided along with a customised e-invitation.

Ceremony long edit

Opting for a 5 minute wedding film?
We can provide a longer video of the wedding so you don't have to feel like you're missing out.

Documentation Photographer

Purely for documentation purpose. Ideal for large gatherings which would include group photographs.

Documentation Videographer

A purely documentation video that is recorded. A 45 minute - 1 hour of a video will be provided.

Engagement Session

36,000/- for a 4 hour engagement session.

Priority Wedding Gallery Turnaround

Jump the queue for a 1 week gallery turnaround instead of 4 weeks.

When and what to expect

01.Email & Phone call


Communication is key.

So the first thing we'll do is hop on the phone or grab a cup of coffee and talk about you, your ideas, and your needs.





Binge on some of our work and go through the pricing above, jot down what you need, we'll hold your date for a week while we work out any details.



Accept the quotation, sign the contract, pay the invoice, and get excited about the next steps: A get-to-know-you questionnaire and other resources.


04.Wedding Prep


Need help ironing out the timeline or worried you'll feel ghosted between now and your wedding day? we got you! we're here to help you balance efficiency and stress. We'll also discuss and finalize details along the way.


05.Wedding Day


Enjoy your wedding day celebrating the moments without spending too much time on the must have pictures. We'll keep us running on schedule while taking pictures of important people, moments, and details, all in some  gloriously saucy light.




We break up the delivery process, every week we give you a deliverable to look forward to, just so you don't feel overwhelmed and at the end of 6 weeks you'll have the photographs and films at your fingertips.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you shoot destination weddings?

Yes absolutely, if transport and accommodation is taken care of.
We will meet you anywhere even in the middle of the ocean.

Is this a team?

Yes we're a 15 member strong team, curated to give you a stress free experience.

Can I extend the session on the day of the event?

The story is a priority for us, which means we will be with you till the last dance or the last drink.

Are extra photographs delivered besides the number agreed upon?

There is no cap on the number of photographs we deliver, we give you a safe number but if there are lots of events the number of photographs edited always increases.

Is there a Traditional video/Photo available?

Yes we do have it as an option to cover traditional events, but we'd strongly recommend candid for a better overall experience.

What kind of gear do you use?

It's not about the gear its about the people that can use it.
Generally Canon Eos R6s with a couple of high speed lenses and ample lighting equipment.

Do I have to order prints through you?

It comes inclusive but if you need more yes you can order through us.

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