A bride and groom at Prainha Goa India
Story is Key
A minimalistic wedding at farmhouse social Bengaluru
Minimal & Unscripted
Real People, Real Stories
A groom passionately shouting at his wedding.


A wedding at Delhi with shower petals on the bride and groom
True to the moment
A creative Photograph of a bride and groom at amita rasa Bengaluru
With A modern Touch

Hey, so glad you made it.

Here your story is a priority,

no matter what shape, size or colour.

A dramatic image of a bride and groom dancing at the Villa Kasu, Bengaluru
We photograph you and your family in your most vulnerable and happiest state, in a non intrusive style, which gives you raw emotions with an authentic touch.
A Candid Photograph of a wedding at Jinvara, the Secret grove Bengaluru
We're not looking for perfection,
in fact we love the flaws.
We treat your wedding
like the celebration it is,
not a magazine shoot.
A portrait of a sindhi couple at aashyana Lakhanpal Goa, India
Candid moment of a father of the bride crying at Shubha mangala




“'From Memory Studios' surpassed all expectations (despite being introduced to them with some very high praises) and deliver a truly amazing experience. Several aspects distinguish this team: their genuine concern for the couple's well-being (ensuring no one went hungry by deftly sneaking in food during brief pauses - MVP stuff), their infectious positivity, their extensive network of supportive friends and fellow photographers, and, of course, their exceptional photography skills.”


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Photographs are tangible memories of the life we've lived, the people we've loved, the places we've visited. They are little tickets from the past, that help us relive the happiest, most important life moments. We as a team are not for everyone but if our wavelength is in sync then truly there are no two stories alike. We love investing time in getting to know you and what's important for you.
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